Support Our Meal Program

The month of giving and yummy meals is upon us! We would love for you to consider spreading a little holiday cheer to our families by donating a meal!

Meals need to be able to feed at least 40 people at the Spokane Campus and 25 at the Northern Idaho House.

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Provide Treats/Snacks

Grab and go snacks are a helpful feature for our families to take with them for a day at the hospital.

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Provide Pre-made Breakfast Items

Help provide breakfast items such as pre-made or store bought breakfast foods and fruits for our families.

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Provide Lunch Items

We are looking for deli platters, sandwiches, and other grab and go lunch options that are store bought or prepared in a commercial kithen.

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Provide Dinner on Saturday/Sunday

Provide nutritious store bought pre-made meals or donated meals from a restaurant for families as they return from the hospital.

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