Families drop everything when their child becomes seriously ill or injured – with treatment at medical centers far from home lasting days, weeks, or even months.
When you become an Adopt-A-Room partner, you give a sick child what they need most – their family close by their side in a safe, warm, comfortable home away from home – free of charge.
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Spokane South House

22 rooms, 350 sq ft each
$5,000 per year per room

Spokane North House

24 rooms, 400 sq ft each
10 rooms, 600 sq ft each
$5,000 per year per room

Northern Idaho House

8 rooms, 370 sq ft each
$5,000 per room for the year

Thank You from Our Families

Your sponsorship helped keep our family close to our twins that were born at 33 weeks and had to spend time in the NICU. They are doing wonderful and get to be held and nurtured every day, thanks to your generosity.
Thank you so much in your generosity in sponsoring our room at RMHC INW. We had triplets born at 29 weeks and will be at RMHC INW until they are strong enough to head home.
Thank you so much for your generosity. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to stay with my baby as she gets surgery nearby. We are so thankful to heal here together.

Recognizing Adopt-A-Room Sponsors

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest is proud to recognize our generous Adopt-A-Room sponsors in the following ways:

Prominent Signage

A plaque on the door of your adopted room.

House Tour

Invitation to tour RMHC INW to see firsthand the impact you are making.

Name Recognition

Recognition in our newsletters, annual report, and on our website.

First Right of Renewal

Adopt-A-Room sponsors have first access to renewal.

Adopt-A-Room Partners

  • AG World
  • Air Traffic Controllers from Spokane International Airport and NATCA Charitable Foundation
  • American Ironworkers & Erectors
  • Ashlee Cribb & Walt Woliver
  • Bill & Danette Ulrich
  • Chris and Jenny Amistoso
  • Cory, Stacey, Maxwell an Emerson Carper In memory of Daniel and Emma Carper
  • Davenport
  • Hoiness Foundation
  • Hotstart
  • Jon, Gaile, Matthew, David and Julia Rittenbach
  • Lemberg Family
  • Lowry Family
  • Marilyn Rizzuto
  • Myles and Selena Kennedy
  • Northwest Spine & Pain Medicine
  • P1FCU
  • Rogers High School
  • Rosenberger Construction
  • Roxanne Coogan
  • Schulke Family
  • Stanisich Family
  • The Gerheim Family
  • The Richards Family
  • The Riggs Family
  • The Stigge Family for the RMH Kiddos of 2019
  • The Supper Club
  • The Wander Project- In Honor of Jett Porter Weber
  • Tomlinson/Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Wolfe Architecture Group
  • Yokes Fresh Market
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