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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Inland NW


Ronald McDonald Charities InNW is very fortunate to have an outstanding 32 member board governing the charity. Board members come from different businesses and sectors across the community and share their expertise in areas such as Development, Finance, House Operations, and Marketing and Communications. All board members play a critical role in developing strategic plans to continue moving the charity forward.

2019 Board Officers

*Sustaining Board Members.

President: Tamara McGregor, The Inlander 

President Elect: Connie Bischoff

Past- President: Mark Ray Jr., McDonald's Owner and Operator

Treasurer:  Josh Tyndell, BK Jet


Secretary: Stacia Rasmussen, Greater Spokane Incorporated





2018 Board Members

Debbie Andrews, Retired McDonald's Executive

Shannon Billeter, Billeter Wealth Management

Connie Bischoff, Retired Washington Trust Bank

Seanna Bodholt, Randall Danskin


Mary Lou Bonanzino, Community Representative

Gina Hern, Northwest Farm Credit Services

Brady Cass, Asuris Northwest Health

Roger Chase,  Retired Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center


Michele Drake, Avista

Warren Henninger, AgWorld Support Systems 

Tracey Junkermier, Community Representative

Ron Morissey, RMHC Spokane Volunteer


Bernadette Pillar, Keller Williams

Barbara Ray, McDonald's Owner/Operator*

Rick Rieger, AcuStream

Mima Scarpelli, Retired Itron 


Steve Storey, Home Street Bank 

Dr. Craig Stucky, RMHC Spokane Volunteer*

Carol West, RMHC Spokane Founder* 

Jason Wheaton, Retired Greenstone Homes 


Carol Wilson, Community Representative

Dr. Neil Worrall, Northwest Heart and Lung Surgical Associates

Steve Rozier, Coeur d’Alene Resort 

Peter Rusnak, King Beverage






Endowment Board Members


Pat West
Mark Ray
Pam Leonard
Chris Mikkelsen
Sue Eugster
Marilyn Thodarson
Steve Stocker
Carole Jones
Chuck Young
John Driscoll
Don Jacobson
Jeri Self-Merritt
Tom Lienhard
Sam Higgins
Mick Buller
Tim Skubitz
Peter Riverso
Catherine Brazil
Joyce Martz
Sue Eymann
Ed Tabish
Jeff O'Neill
Tom Lavagetto