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In 2018, the Give Love Public Art Project & Benefit was the 3rd art project facilitated by The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest. Fiberglass hearts (42” W x 31”H x 20“D) were decorated by local artists and put on displace in 2018. Some of these hearts are still available, and you can bring one home now. The colorful hearts will lift the spirits of Spokane, spread love, and help bring the art, philanthropic, and children’s communities together.

History about the Give Love Public Art Project & Benefit: The first public art project RMHC of INW did was in 2005. The campaign was “Bear Necessities” in which 42 large bears were painted and displayed throughout downtown Spokane. This was followed by the “Carousels on Parade” campaign launched with 27 carousel animals displayed starting in 2016

Purchase a heart of your choice by clicking ‘Buy Now’, each heart is a $1,500 donation. Please indicate on the donation page which heart you are purchasing by name of the heart. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest will receive all the proceeds raised from heart purchases. If the ‘Buy Now’ button is missing, that means that heart has sold and is no longer available. 

Dream Guardians

Dream Guardians keep the bad dreams and the bad things, like childhood sickness away.” — Megan Martens-Haworth (Artist) 

Bleeding Hearts

This heart represents the bleeding heart, the most lovely of spring flowers.” — Karen Mobley (Artist)


“You look like one of your paintings!” is a comment Debbie McCulley hears often. Her use of vibrant color and whimsical imagery is a reflection of McCulley and her outlook on life. 

Emotional States

“Still the mind, open your heart, listen to the rhythm of the breath; the song of your life.” — Lisa Waddle (Artist)

Wild at Heart

“The beautiful wolves I have met, and that continue to roam through my own heart, soul and imagination, became the inspiration for “Wild at Heart,” and that is what they shall remain forever.” — Debbie Hughbanks (Artist)

Child is Born with a Heart of Gold

Kathleen Cavender (artist) was born and raised in Spokane. She is a fourth generation professional artist who paints in oils, pastels, and water media. 


“Giraffes blowing bubbles represents fun and whimsy on planet Earth.” — Pamela Van Kirk  (Artist)

The Celebration

“This heart reflects the joy of celebrating diversity in our Spokane community; a place where people of different backgrounds and cultures can come together to make the city beautifully unique.” — Jasmine Hernandez (Artist)

Changed Arrangements

“A structural transformation remaining balanced even in asymmetry.” — Jason Corcoran (Artist)

Imagining Skies

“The imagination of day dreaming we all experience as kids; even if you are a sick kid, you still want to be outside in the fresh air, still want to play and still use your imagination to take you somewhere exciting.” — Mariah Boyle (Artist)

Botanical Mandala

“Quilts are a wonderful comfort and interest to me. At the time of designing this heart sculpture, I decided to try my own hand at “quilting” the heart in plant imagery, of which I love plant’s shapes and textures!” — Nicole Marie Wallace (Artist)

Distracted by Bling

“I chose this because I knew no one else would use cement.” — Carol Herman (Artist)

Please contact Bob McLean at bobm@RMHCINLANDNW.ORG or (509) 710-0096 if you have any questions.

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