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Family Rooms Provide Rest and Respite for New Mom

Family Rooms Provide Rest and Respite for New Mom

Welcoming a child into the world is one of the most incredible experiences a parent can go through. However, when five hours later you learn that your precious new baby has to be taken to intensive care due to complications, those blissful moments quickly turn into some of the most stressful and frightening obstacles two parents will ever face.

On July 18th, 2014 Lisa and Craig welcomed their third baby, Quincy, into the world. She was carried to full term and a healthy baby girl. Then just 5 hours after her birth, the doctor expressed concern about the way she was breathing. After further examination Craig and Lisa were told that Quincy had fluid in her lungs. There was serious cause for concern when the fluid in her lungs turned into an infection.

She was quickly taken up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Sacred Heart Hospital where she would have to stay for the next eight days due to the lung infection and continued complications. Craig and Lisa were overwhelmed with concern about little Quincy, and Lisa was still trying to recover from her C-section. With two little boys, Marcus and Calvin (now ages 5 and 3) at home to look after, Craig went home to their house on 5-Mile while Lisa stayed at Sacred Heart to spend as much time as possible with their Quincy.

While Lisa was attempting to nurse, heal from her C-section and help care for her baby, sleep was put on the back burner. She stayed in Labor and Delivery for as long as she could but was discharged after a few days. “Here I am literally wandering the halls trying to find comfortable couches.” Lisa recalled. To her relief, someone mentioned the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms. The Family Rooms, located inside of Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, provide a family seating area, sleeping rooms, and a kitchenette to make the experience of the families as comforting and reminiscent to home as possible.

Although rest was no easy task for her during this time, to have a place to go when they were under so much stress, and just catch their breath and relax “helped with everything” says Lisa. Lisa was able to find a real bed, instead of a couch, and experience the comforts of a home. “It was just like when you go into a home and you feel relaxed.” Considering the environment of any hospital, there was a noticeable change in energy from the Hospital to the Family Rooms, Lisa stated “I couldn’t relax anywhere else.” Craig added, “For me, watching Lisa, I felt like there was so much tension and stress involved in the whole thing. And obviously my concern was for Quincy and everything that was going on there, but also Lisa’s trying to heal, so that kind of felt like the first time we were able to get our feet underneath us and get our wits about us with everything that was going on.”

Lisa and Quincy were able to be reunited with Craig and their boys after 8 days and return to their permanent home. Quincy is now a happy and healthy 18 month old little girl, and Craig and Lisa are able to look back on their experience with gratitude, “we will always be thankful for our temporary home at The Ronald McDonald Family Rooms.”